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Version 2.0.b13a - 9. August 2021

* Fixed items not always removed from your inventory correctly.

* Fixed bets not working correctly in the Mines game.

Version 2.0.b13 - 9. August 2021

* Updated all cases: Removed some items that shouldn't exist.

* Added the statistics page.

* Added icons to the navigation.

* Added all-in buttons to betting games using coins.

* Added a few new collections to the shop, but you have to reach levels to unlock them!

* Added a few new cases, and an All Cases Section.

* Daily Cases are now daily discounts. You can access all cases under daily discounts no matter what level you are.

* Made the amount of money earned per click much lower.

* Fixed some bugs & general improvements.

Version 2.0.b12 - 27. July 2021

* Added a new save system.

* Added the lucky wheel.

* Added 7 new cases to the shop.

* Added a clear and all in button to the item selector.

* Added a timer to show when the shop is updated.

* Fixed some bugs & general improvements.

Version 2.0.b11c - 22. July 2021

* Added a new welcome screen.

* Added a quick toggle to toggle compact items view on and off.

* Added an inventory value counter.

* Fixed some bugs & general improvements.

Created By Malthe Laursen (@Malthsl)

Contact me via twitter if possible @Malthsl, or my mail malthe@mtsl.dk

Some Icons are from icons8.com.

The CS:GO trademark and the images used for skins and items are property of Valve Corp.

This site is not associated with Valve Corp.

All betting minigames are currently in beta! As is the website.

Online Betting - Coming when we are out of beta..
You can still play the betting minigames offline
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